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Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Republic of Lucastan.  The government of Lucastan welcomes all persons interested in our nation (especially those with money to send us).

The Lucastan Motto:  "We will not be undersold!"

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Lucastan is located in the South Pacific, 108 miles ENE of Yap Island, in the middle of bloody-damn-all. It occupies one-third of the island of Mangajang, in the Ulithi Atoll, with a land area of 0.9 square miles.  Its coordinates are 9 47' N, 140 7' E and can easily be found on any map newyel.gif (909 bytes).


Lucastan was established in 1945, when it was won in a poker game with a native chief by the infamous Stu Lucas. The winning hand, four eights and a one-eyed jack, is now a national symbol. The territory was reclaimed by its founder, now Grand Panjandrum and Emperor for Life, and named Lucastan in 1997. It was declared a provisional independent state in 1998, and became an independent republic on January 1, 1999.

Political System

Lucastan is a de-centralized dictatorial democracy where the Emperor rules with absolute authority, but everyone does what they want anyway.   Its government is a null-parliamentary form, in which offices are created and occupied by whoever wants them, and decisions are made by whomever shows up.  Lucastan has no formal capitol, but maintains numerous consulates in the United States. All citizens of Lucastan are consuls by law, with full diplomatic immunity. Consulates are not subject to local laws and ordinances.  Elections are held whenever a parliamentary representative must be chosen to go out and pick up Chinese food.


Unique among the world's nations, none of its people actually live there, the entire population being expatriate. As such, it has no native born citizens, but recognizes those affiliated with the republic on its founding date as native citizens.  Anyone else is welcome to apply for native citizenship.  The current fee is $1,000,000 US.   Checks may be made payable to "Cash" and sent to:

Lucastan Ministry of Immigration
Bureau of Bribe Management
Behind the Hot Water Pipes
3d Men's Room Along
Penn Station
Newark, New Jersey, USA

The Grand Panjandrum is authorized to waive the fee for deserving individuals.


The principal businesses of Lucastan are offshore banking, tax shelters, gambling, bootlegging, and illegal discharge of firearms.  Lucastan has no income tax, relying for its support solely on bribery and corruption.  The official currency is the U.S. dollar, because we are not stupid.

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The Official Bird

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