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Sites about Ulithi Atoll (our home away from, well, everything!)

Ulithi History

Overview: Ulithi Atoll comprising 40 islets, 1.75 sq mi (4.53 sq km), W Pacific, in the W Caroline Islands. Ulithi is part of the Federated States of Micronesia; Mokomok is the chief village. The atoll became (1920) part of the Japanese mandate in the Pacific and was strongly fortified. The main atoll has an excellent lagoon for anchoring large ships, and after the American capture (1944) of Ulithi in World War II, it was used as a rendezvous station for naval units.

Emmett Baker's Ulithi - History, WWII, pictures, maps and a lot more!
GEORGE SPANGLER's Ulithi - Article and pictures of Ulithi and WWII history
Ulithi Atoll, a Different World - by   Ken Smith, from "Coast Guard Stories"
US Navy Attacks Ulithi Atoll - from the Simon Wiesenthal Center
Ulithi ... a special island cluster - rememberances of Don Nicholls, from The Daily Record, Wooster, Ohio
Ulithi Atoll, largest anchorage in Pacific - by Gene Moore

Ulithi Today

Ulithi - From "Micronesia Diary" by Dr. Felicia R. Beardsley, Archaeologist
Diving at Ulithi - from High Sierra Divers
Ulithi Adventure Resort - Diving and tourism
Yap, Land of Stone Money
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