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Time LaunchedNumber #OccupantsTime at Carpathia
12.45 am.7 StbdSeaman Hogg (IC)
12.55 am.5 Stbd3/o Pitman (IC), 5/0 Lowe lowered when Ismay interfered.05.10 am.
12.55 am.6 PortQ/M Hitchens (IC), Molly Brown, Fred Fleet, Mrs Rothschild, Major Peuchen.06.00 am.
01.00 am.3 StbdSeaman Moore(IC) Mrs Cardeza & son06.00 am.
01.00 am.1 StbdSeaman Symons(IC) Lord & Lady Cosmo Duff Gordon, Miss Pericault.
01.15 am.8 PortSeaman Jones(IC) Countess of Rothes, Ellen Bird, P. Mauge
01.20 am.10 PortSeaman Buley(IC)
01.20 am.9 Stbd
01.25 am.12 PortSeaman Poigndestre(IC) 08.30 am
01.30 am.14 Port5/O Lowe(IC)
01.30 am.13 StbdFireman Barrett(IC), Lawrence Beesley, Ruth Becker, Reginald Lee04.45 am.
01.35 am.16 PortMaster at arms Bailey(IC)
01.35 am.15 StbdFireman Diamond(IC)
01.40 am.C StbdQ/M Rowe (IC), Ismay06.30 am.
01.45 am.2 Port4/O Boxhall(IC), Miss Allen
01.45 am.11 StbdSeaman Humphreys (IC), Edith Russel08.00 am.
01.55 am.4 PortQ/M Perkins(IC), Mrs Astor, Mrs Thayer, Mrs Ryerson, Mrs Widener
02.05 am.D PortQ/M Bright(IC), Navratil twins, Mrs J Brown
02.20 am.A StbdMrs Abbott, Wennerstrom, Williams
02.20 am.B Port2/O Lightoller, Thayer, Gracie, Bride, Joughin

Archiebald Gracie, who in his account of the sinking of the Titanic deals with the various people in the lifeboats. Sadly ill health affected Colonel Gracie and his book seems very incomplete at times, with only a few passengers mentioned for some boats. There is a lack of information as to which boats passengers from steerage were saved in. In fact Gracie hardly mentions steerage passengers at all! Unfortunately many discrepancies have been found amongst all my sources, where in doubt I have left it out! Regarding launch times of the boats, there are many discrepancies with the accepted times as given in 1912. I have included the 1912 times. George Behe published a short paper on the launching times of the boats and readers may consult this list for further information. If anybody has a complete list of lifeboat occupants I would be glad to update this file. Surprisingly more is known about the occupants of the starboard boats than the boats on the port side. As can be seen from the list, there are a fair amount of men in these boats, the reason being that on the starboard side, first officer Murdoch allowed men into the boats while on the port side, a strict "women and children" applied to those boats which were launched by second officer Lightoller. Launch times and capacity are per the British Enquiry.


Lifeboat number 2.

01.45 am. 2 Port 4/O Boxhall(IC), Miss Allen

Passengers: Miss Elizabeth Allen, Mrs E.D. Appleton, Mrs R.G. Cornell, Mrs W.D. Douglas and maid (Miss Le Roy), Miss G.A. Madill, Mrs E.S. Robert and maid (Amelia Kenchen), Brahim Youseff, Hanne Youseff, Marian Youseff, Georges Youseff, Anton Kink, Louise Kink, Louise Kink (jnr).

Crew: Fourth Officer J.G. Boxhall, Seaman F. Osman, Steward Johnston.


Lifeboat number 4.

01.55 am. 4 Port Q/M Perkins(IC), Mrs Astor, Mrs Thayer, Mrs Ryerson, Mrs Widener

Passengers: Mrs J.J. Astor and maid (Miss Rosalie Bidois), Miss Bowen, Mrs Lucille Carter and maid (Miss Augusta Serepeca), Mrs W.M. Clark, Mrs J.B. Cummings, Miss E.M. Eustis, Mrs A. Ryerson and maid (Miss Victoirine Chandowson) and children (Emily, Susan, Jack), Mrs W.B. Stephenson, Mrs J.B. Thayer and maid, Mrs G.D. Widener and maid, Mrs I. Hippach, Miss J. Hippach.

Crew: Quartermaster W.J. Perkins in charge, Seaman W. McCarthy, Lamp trimmer S. Hemmings, Storekeepers J. Foley and F. Prentice, Fireman T.P. Dillon, Greasers F. Scott, T. Ranger, Steward A. Cunningham.


Lifeboat number 6.

12.55 am. 6 Port Q/.M Hitchens (IC), Molly Brown, Fred 06.00 am Fleet, Mrs Rothschild, Major Peuchen.

Passengers:Miss E. Bowerman, Mrs J.J. Brown, Mrs C. Candee, Mrs T.W. Cavendish and maid (Miss Barber). Mrs E.J. Meyer, Mrs M. Rothschild, Mrs L.P. Smith, Mrs G.M. Stone and maid (Miss Icard), Major A Peuchen.

Crew: Quartermaster R. Hitchens in charge, Lookout F. Fleet, Cashier Margeret Martin.


Lifeboat number 8.

01.10 am. 8 Port Seaman Jones(IC) Countess of Rothes & Ellen Bird

Passengers: Mrs W. Bucknell and maid (Albina Bazzani), Miss G. Cherry, Mrs F.R. Kenyon, Miss F.A. Leader, Mrs T. Pears, Mrs V.Penasco and maid (Mlle Olivia), Countess of Rothes and maid (Mrs Maloney), Mrs F.J. Swift, Mrs E. Taussig, Miss R. Tausig, Mrs J.S. White and maid (Amelia Bessetti), Mrs G.D. Wick, Miss D. Wick, Miss M. Young, Mrs Straus' maid (Ellen Bird).

Crew: Seaman T. Jones, Stewards A. Crawford and J. Hart, Chef's assistant Paul Mauge.


Lifeboat number 10.

01.20 am. 10 Port Seaman Buley(IC)

Passengers: Miss C.I. Andrews, Miss G.F. Longley, Mrs J.C. Hogeboom, Mrs S. Parrish, Mrs I. Shelley. Alice Fortune, Mrs Mark Fortune, Ethel Fortune, Mabel Fortune.

Crew: Seaman E.J. Buley in charge, Seaman F.O. Evans, Fireman C. Rice, Steward W. Burke


Lifeboat number 12

01.25 am. 12 Port Seaman Poigndestre(IC) 08.30 am

Passengers: Miss Alice Phillips, Emily Rugg.

Crew: Seaman J. Poigndestre in charge, Seamen F Clench, W. Lucas.


Lifeboat number 14.

01.30 am. 14 Port 5/O Lowe(IC)

Passengers: Mrs A.T. Compton, Miss A.T. Compton, Mrs W.E. Minahan, Miss D. Minahan, Mrs C. Collyer, Miss M. Collyer, Mr C. Williams, Edith Brown, Elizabeth Brown, Eva Hart, Esther Hart.

Crew: Fifth Officer H. Lowe in charge, Seaman J. Scarrot, Stewards G.F. Crowe, F. Morris, A. Pugh and J. Stewart. Bath Attendant H. Phillimore.


Lifeboat number 16.

01.35 am. 16 Port Master at arms Bailey(IC)

Passengers: Kathy Gilnagh.

Crew: Master at arms H. Bailey in charge, Seaman E. Archer, Steward C.E. Andrews, Stewardess E.L. Leather.


Collapsible Lifeboat "D".

02.05 am. D Port Q/M Bright(IC), Navratil twins, Mrs J Brown

Passengers:Mrs J.M. Brown, Mrs H.B. Harris, Mrs F Hoyt, Navratil twins. Mr F. Hoyt, Mr H.B. Steffanson, Mr H. Woolner, Joseph Dugemin, Winnie Trout.

Crew: Quartermaster A.J. Bright in charge, Seaman W. Lucas, Steward J. Hardy.


Collapsible Lifeboat "B".

02.20 am. Port 2/O Lightoller, Thayer, Gracie, Bride, Joughin

Passengers: Mr A.H. Barkworth, Col A Gracie, John Thayer Jr, Eugene Daley.

Crew: Second officer C.H. Lightoller in charge, Radio operator Harold Bride, Firemen J. McGann, Baker C. Joughin, Cooks J. Collins and H. Maynard, steward T. Whitely, Fireman J. Haggan.


Lifeboat number 1.

Launched at 01:10 am. 12 people, capacity 40. Returned to New York by Carpathia.

Passengers: Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon, Miss L.M. Francatelli, Mister A.L. Solomon, Mr C.E. Stengel.

Crew: Able Seaman George Symons in charge, Seaman A. E. Horswill, Firemen S. Collins, C. Hendrickson, R.W. Pusey, F. Sheath, J. Taylor.


Lifeboat number 3.

Launched at 01:00 am. 50 people, capacity 65. Returned to New York by Carpathia.

Passengers: Mrs Charlotte Cardeza and maid (Anna Hard), Mrs T.H. Davidson, Mrs A.A. Dick, Mrs W.T. Graham, Mrs H.S. Harper, Mrs C.M. Hays and maid (Miss Pericault), Mrs F.O. Spedden and maid (Helen Wilson), Douglas Spedden and nurse (Miss Burns), Miss M.E. Graham, Miss E.W. Shutes, Mr T.D. Cardeza and manservant (Mr G. Lesneur) Mr A.A. Dick, Mr H.S. Harper and "dragoman" (Hamad Hassah), Mr F.O. Spedden, Mr W.J. Hawksford, Mr A. Saalfeld, Col A. Simonius-Blumer, Dr M. Staehlin.

Crew: Seaman G. Moore in charge, Seaman J. Forward, C.H. Pascoe, Steward C. MacKay.


Lifeboat number 5.

Launched at 12:55 am. 41 people, capacity 65. Returned to New York by Carpathia.

Passengers: Mrs R.L. Beckwith, Mrs H.A. Cassebeer, Mrs N.C. Chambers, Mrs E.G. Crosby, Mrs W. Dodge, Master W. Dodge, Mrs H.W. Frauenthal, Mrs S.L. Goldenberg, Mrs G.A. Harder, Mrs E.N. Kimball, Mrs M. Frolicher-Stehli, Mrs C.E.H. Stengel, Mrs E.Z. Taylor, Mrs F.M. Warren, Miss H.R. Crosby, Miss H.M. Newsom, Miss H.R. Ostby, Miss M. Frolicher, Mr R.L. Beckwith, Mr K.H. Behr, Mr E.P. Calderhead, Mr N.C. Chambers, Mr J.I. Flynn, Mr S.L. Goldenberg, Mr G.A. Harder, Mr E.N. Kimball, Mr M. Frolicher-Stehli, Mr S.V. Silverthorne, Mr E.Z. Taylor, Dr H.W. Frauenthal, Mr I.G. Frauenthal,

Crew: Third officer Herbert Pitman in charge, Quartermaster A. Olliver, Fireman A. Shires, Stewards H.S. Etches, E.J. Guy.


Lifeboat number 7.

Launched at 12:45 am. 27 people, capacity 65. Returned to New York by Carpathia.

Passengers: Mrs D.H. Bishop, Mrs B. Earnshaw, Mrs A. Flegenheim, Mrs L. Gibson, Mrs L.D. Greenfield, Mrs T. Potter, Mrs J.P. Snyder, Miss D. Gibson, Miss M.B. Hays, Mr D.H. Bishop, Mr H. Blank, Mr P. Chevre, Mr R.W. Daniel, Mr L.D. Greenfield, Mr J.R. McGough, Mr P. Marechel, Mr A. Nourney, Mr A.F. Omont, Mr F.K. Seward, Mr W.T. Sloper, Mr J.P. J.P. Snyder, Mr G.M. Tucker.

Crew: Seamen G.A. Hogg, A. Jewell and W. Weller.


Lifeboat number 9.

Launched at 01:20 am. 56 people, capacity 65. Returned to New York by Carpathia.

Passengers: Mrs L.P. Aubert and maid (Mlle Segesser), Mrs J. Futrelle, Mrs S. Herman, Mrs W.H. Trout, Mrs J. Watt, Miss K. Buss, Mrs E.H. Lines, Miss A. Herman, Miss K. Herman, Miss M.C. Lines, Miss E. Toomey, Miss B. Watt, Miss M. Wright. Mr S.C. Collett, Mr C. Wilhelms,

Crew: Seamen A. Haines, W. Wynn, J. McGough and W.C. Peters, Stewards W. Ward and J. Widgery.


Lifeboat number 11.

Launched at 01:25 am. 70 people, capacity 65. Returned to New York by Carpathia.

Passengers: Mrs A.O. Becker, Mrs P. Schabert, Mrs E.R. Nye, Miss M.L. Becker, Master R.F. Becker, Miss M. Brown, Miss J Leitch, Miss N Harper, Mrs F.C. Quick, Miss W.V. Quick, Miss P.M. Quick. Miss E.L. Russell, Miss M. Sincock, Mr P.E. Mock, Master P. Aks, Mrs J.V. Drew, Master M.B. Drew, Master H.T. Allison and nurse (Alice Cleaver).

Crew: Seamen J. Humphreys and W. Brice, Stewards J.T. Wheat, C. Mackay, A. McMicken, A. Thessinger, E. Wheelton, W.S. Faulkner, Stewardess A. Robinson.


Lifeboat number 13.

Launched at 01:35 am. 64 people, capacity 65. Returned to New York by Carpathia.

Passengers: Mrs S. Aks, Mrs A.F. Caldwell, Mrs W.J. De Messemaeker, Mrs M.D. Hewlett, Mrs H Sandstrom, Miss B. Sandstrom, Miss M. Sandstrom. Miss R.E. Becker, Miss B. Bradley, Miss M. Davis, Miss E. Dowdell, Miss M.A. Glynn, Miss A. Landgren, Miss H.J. Nilsson, Miss H.M. Slayter, Miss J. Smyth, Dr W. Dodge, Mr L. Beesley, Mr A.F. Caldwell, Master A.G. Caldwell, Master A. Olsen, Mr M. Hosono, Mr B. Johannesen-Bratthammer, Mr O.L. Johansson, Mr E. Karlsson, Mr F. Madsen, Mr J.C. Svensson.

Crew: Firemen F. Barret, G.W. Beauchamp, A. Major. Stewards F.D. Ray, R. Hopkins, Lookout Reginald Lee.


Lifeboat number 15.

Launched at 01:35 am. 70 people, capacity 65. Cast adrift by Carpathia.

(7) Passengers: Mrs P. Hakkarainen, Mrs O.W. Johnson, Miss E. Johnson, Mr M.N.M. Adahl, Mr G.A. Brayton, Mr W.J. De Messemaeker, Mr C.E. Dahl, Mr H. Haven, Master H.T. Johnson, Mr C.H. Romaine.

Crew: Firemen F. Dymond, G. Cavell, W.H. Taylor, Stewards S.J. Rule and J.E. Hart.


Collapsible Lifeboat "A".

Floated off at 02:20 am. Capacity 47, Cast adrift by Carpathia, recovered by Oceanic and returned to New York by the Oceanic.

Passengers: Mrs S. Abbott, Mr O Abelseth, Mr P.D. Daly, Mr C.O. Jansson, Mr C. Jonsson, Mr G. Rheims, Mr G.I. Tenglin, Mr W.H. Tornquist, Mr R.N. Williams, Mr W.J. Mellers, Mr A.E. Wennerstrom.

Crew: Steward E. Brown, Fireman J. Thompson.


Collapsible Lifeboat "C".

Launched at 01:40 am. 39 people, capacity 47, cast adrift by Carpathia.

Passengers: Mrs M. Assaf, Mrs F.J. Goldsmith, Mrs D. Touma, Miss A.E. Stanley, Miss H. Touma, Master G. Touma, Master F. Goldsmith, Mr L. Hee, Mr J.B. Ismay, Mr W.E. Carter.

Crew: Quartermaster G.T. Rowe, Pantryman A. Pearcey, Barber A. Weikman.



Titanic, A Survivors Story. By Archibald Gracie.

Titanic, Triumph and Tragedy. By John Eaton and Charles Haas.

Report on The British Enquiry into the loss of the Titanic.

A Night To Remember. By Walter Lord.

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