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According to the most generally accepted figures cited by Walter Lord, 705 people were saved among 1,316 passengers and 891 crew. Eaton and Haas note 214 crew were rescued. That number subtracted from the 705 total leaves 491 passengers saved.

Data are listed according to boat, then by class. For passengers, full names, ages and residences are provided, when available. Also, relations to other survivors or to the lost are noted, if known, but no notation is made for obvious marital or parental ties. Residences are given by state.for U.S. citizens, province for Canadians and nation for all others, when available. For crew, names, ages and positions aboard ship are listed, if known; few ages are available. No residences are given since most crew members were from the United Kingdom. Other details are provided where deemed appropriate within the context of this work.

BOAT 1 (emergency clipper or cutter) (launched 1:10 a.m.,7 fourth from starboard 7)

BOAT 2 (emergency clipper or cutter) (launched 1:45 a.m.,7 seventh from port,7 reached Carpathia 4:10 a.m.,7 first rescued)

BOAT 3 (launched 1 a.m.,7 third from starboard 7)

BOAT 4 (launched 1:55 a.m.,7 eighth from port,7 last big boat from port,6 tied up with Boats 10, 12, 14 and D,12 pulled a number of crewmen from water near ship, 9 , 12 went with Boat 12 to rescue of Boat B 12)

BOAT 5 (launched at 12:55 a.m.,7 second boat from starboard,7; tied up with Boat 7 12)

BOAT 6 (launched at 12:55 a.m.,7 first from port,7 tied up with Boat 16 12)

BOAT 7 (launched 12:45 a.m.,7 first away,7 tied up with Boat 5 12)

BOAT 8 (launched 1:10 a.m.,7 second from port 7)

BOAT 9 (launched 1:20 a.m.,7 fifth from starboard 7)

BOAT 10 (launched 1:20 a.m.,6 third from port,6 tied up with Boats 4, 12, 14 and D 12)

BOAT 11 (launched 1:25 a.m.,7 sixth from starboard 7)

BOAT 12 (launched 1:25 a.m.,7 fourth from port,7 tied up with Boats 4, 10, 14 and D,12 went with Boat 4 to rescue of Boat B,12 last to reach Carpathia 12)

BOAT 13 (launched 1:25 a.m.9 or 1:35 a.m.,7 seventh from starboard 7; nearly swamped by large stream of water from condenser, then narrowly escaped from under Boat 15 during launch)

BOAT 14 (launched 1:30 a.m.,7 fifth from port,7 tied up with Boats 4, 10, 12 and D 12; only boat among 17 to return to wreck site, pulled four from water but not all survived, picked up survivors from swamped Boat A)

BOAT 15 (launched 1:35 a.m.,7 eighth from starboard,7 nearly lowered atop Boat 13)

BOAT 16 (launched 1:35 a.m.,7 sixth from port,7 tied up with Boat 6 12)

COLLAPSIBLE A (last boat from starboard, floated off swamped without sides raised; survivors rescued by Boat 14)

COLLAPSIBLE B (last boat from port, floated off upside down, survivors rescued by Boats 4 and 12)

COLLAPSIBLE C (launched 1:40 a.m.,7 ninth and last boat lowered from starboard 7)

COLLAPSIBLE D (launched 2:05 a.m.,7 ninth from port,7 last boat lowered)

OTHER SURVIVORS (boat numbers unavailable)

APPENDIX I: Orders of launch







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