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January 31, 1999
A Night to Comprehend

Jim Clary tells about the Tale, the Theories and the People of Titanic


The Last True Story of Titanic
By Jim Clary.
151 pp. Brooklyn:
Domhan Books. $14.95.
ISBN 1-58345-000-9

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Maritime artist and historian Jim Clary's new Titanic book is a neatly self contained history of that most famous of all shipwrecks.

The book's first half is a consise narrative of Titanic's short life. The conception, construction, sea trials, voyage and disaster are all well presented. This section's straightforward approach will appeal to both newcommers and long time enthusiasts alike. Then, things get interesting. Mr. Clary analyzes several theories and "what if" scenarios that have been popular Titanic topics for 86 years. His primary sources are the testimony and writings of Second Officer Charles Lightoller and passenger Lawrence Beesley who are generally considered accurate and comprehensive witnesses to the disaster. The coverage of the Titanic theories is brief but what is lacking in depth is made up in clarity, a quality often lacking in printed Titanic discussions. An interview with a 96 year-old Edwina Troutt McKenzie was also interesting.

The ending chapter called "The Last True Story" is an original thesis claiming the Titanic resumed sailing underway after hitting the iceberg. Mr. Clary gives us a compelling case for this scenario and I believe it deserves consideration and more research.

I recommend this book for both new and old Titanic buffs. It's brevity and personal style are easy to approach while the theories and arguments bring new thought to old issues. Many will find these thoughts controversial, but the Titanic legacy is fueled by controversy.

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