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NOVEMBER 1998 (Page One)
1965 Set One
Jan to March
1965 Set Two
March to May
1965 Set Three
Australia Trip
1965 Set Four
1965 Set Five
The Amazon Series
Shep 100 Series
Groups G & H: 1975
Limelight Shows
Set #5
Release Summary
November 1998

Previously released offerings - November 1997 (Page Three)
Shep 1960 Collection
Set 1
The Shep 100 Series
1974 - 1975
Studs Terkel Interviews
plus 8 new shows!

Previously released offerings - May 1998 (Page Four)
The Shep 100 Series
(Groups E & F): 1975
Limelight Group #3 Limelight Group #4 Rare and Unusual Shows,
Misc. Set 3
More Shepherd Interviews and Guest Spots Shep 1960 Collection - Set 2 Shep 1961 & 1963 Set -

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Limelight 2-hour (120 Min.) shows are on two 60 min. cassettes and are $8 per show or $70 for the set (20 hours of material). Dolby B.
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Limelight 2-Hour Shows
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL1 (120 min.) 4/3/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - The Wool Carnation, Soda Pop
Second Hour - The Great Generator Hunt
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL2 (120 min.) 4/24/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - [Rerun] The Star & Garter, Pursuit of Sin
Second Hour - Cave Diggers, Drive-In Date, Company K Eggs
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL3 (120 min.) 5/8/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - Mother's Day
Second Hour - Shep in Australia
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL4 (120 min.) 6/5/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - Hammond High Graduation, Running for Junior Class President
Second Hour - Jeanette Dombrowski, Army Payday
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL5 (120 min.) 6/26/65 - WOR-FM
(hum) Graduation Day
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL6 (120 min.) 7/10/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - "Be careful of the Live Wires!"
Second Hour - VD Film, Trooptrain Ernie, Army Glasses
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL7 (120 min.) 7/17/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - Baseball Stories, Great Ice Cream Riot
Second Hour - Moments of Fear, Weekend Pass Fistfight
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL8 (120 min.) 7/31/65 - WOR-FM
Trivia, Fleishmann's Yeast (light hum)
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL9 (120 min.) 8/7/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - Fantasy vs. Reality, Shirt Commercial
Second Hour - Army Casual Company
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL10 (120 min.) 8/28/65 - WOR-FM
First Hour - Building First Radio with the Old Man
Second Hour - The Lure of Defeat - The Mets

The next set are 14 90-minute Limelights #'s LL11 to LL24, at $6 each, or $75 for the set (21 hours).
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The playing time about 80 minutes each (remember the WOR station break?).

Limelight 90 Minute Shows
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL11 (90 min.) 10/23/65 - WOR-AM
Playing Footsie in the Library
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL12 (90 min.) 12/4/65 - WOR-AM
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL13 (90 min.) 1/15/66 - WOR-AM
Playing It Big on a Date
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL14 (90 min.) 4/23/66 - WOR-AM
Old-Time Radio, Comics, more
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL15 (90 min.) 5/14/66 - WOR-AM
The Prom
(This is virtually the same show as Tape #37 - This is the original WOR broadcast; Tape #37 is from a Boston rebroadcast.)
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL16 (90 min.) 5/21/66 - WOR-AM
Buying a Used Car for Flick
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL17 (90 min.) 6/18/66 - WOR-AM
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL18 (90 min.) 6/25/66 - WOR-AM
Custer; Graduation Day
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL19 (90 min.) 7/9/66 - WOR-AM
The Great Ice Cream Riot
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL20 (90 min.) 7/16/66 - WOR-AM
Fishing Story
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL21 (90 min.) 7/23/66 - WOR-AM
Forced March Through the Ozarks with Gasser & Goldberg
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL22 (90 min.) 8/6/66 - WOR-AM
Polish Wedding, VD Movie
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL23 (90 min.) 7/1/67 - WOR-AM
Natural and Other Types of Disasters
JEAN SHEPHERD #LL24 (90 min.) 9/16/67 - WOR-AM


Shepherd Saturday shows are 60 min. each. $18 for the entire set of 5! Ordering Info

Saturday Shows
JEAN SHEPHERD #SS1 (60 min.) 2/17/68 - WOR-AM
Versions of Hell - Obscene Bath Mat, Blind Date
JEAN SHEPHERD #SS2 (60 min.) 3/23/68 - WOR-AM
Bolus' Wedding
JEAN SHEPHERD #SS3 (60 min.) 5/25/68 - WOR-AM
JEAN SHEPHERD #SS4 (60 min.) 11/16/68 - WOR-AM
JEAN SHEPHERD #SS5 (60 min.) 1/04/69 - WOR-AM
New York Scroungers


$65 Postpaid for the first set released: Tapes #1-13 & 60 min. bonus tape (a note on sound quality of this set- These are home recorded airchecks. They are all clear and listenable, but some have minor defects. The canned opens and closings may be incomplete, but the body of each show is intact. Some shows have minor cross-talk. However your satisfaction is guaranteed. And if there are better copies of these I'd sure like to know about them!) Dolby® B. All tapes except bonus tape are 90 min. each.
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Syndicated Half-Hours
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #1 1. Dingdongs & Dingbats
  2. CB Madness / Benedict Arnold
  3. New School Beauty
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #2 1. Television Vs. Real Life / Movie Trends
  2. The Basement / Cavemen / The Intruder
  3. The Carpool
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #3 1. Play It Again, Sam
  2. Opera at the Zoo
  3. Political Convention Speeches
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #4 1. Bad Advice / Teddy Bear Giveaway
  2. Greatest Literary Influence
  3. Escape! / Flying Kites
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #5 1. Kopfspeil, or The Musical Head
  2. Wisconsin Heartland / Geography Quiz
  3. Springtime Musical Madness - The Nutty Season Has Begun!
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #6 1. Midsummer Madness Time/ Summer Solstice / Comic Characters on Stamps
  2. Practical Jokes
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #7 1. Knack for Test Taking
  2. Summer's Over / Labor Day
  3. Fads, T-Shirt Slogans, & The Pet Rock Cemetery
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #8 1. Gruesome-O-Mania
  2. Exploding Ginger Beer & Beets
  3. Media Addiction: A Salute to Rona Barrett and the Blabber Industry
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #9 1. Movie & TV Extras / Beer Quiz
  2. Rumpus Room / Junk in the Basement
  3. Christmas Gift Ideas for the Affluent
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #10 1. High School Glee Club (Christmas)
  2. Christmas Job at Marshall Field
  3. The Sousaphone
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #11 1. Don't Horse Around!
  2. The Sophisticated Cave Maker
  3. Lost Undies,Dropped Drawers, The Invention of Work, and the Nature of Time (and Weather)
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #12 1. The Flying Quaker Model Airplane Kit
  2. Alaska - The Nome Nugget Newspaper
  3. The Quickie Paint Job
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #13 1. Steel Mill Mailman Disaster
  2. Our Trivial Life / All the President's Men
  3. The Ages of Man / Age of Bad Taste
JEAN SHEPHERD BONUS TAPE (60 min.) 1. Kazoo Commercial Quiz
  2. Whatever Became of.....?

Get all 12 WOR Aircheck (and a few syndies) tapes below, #15 to #25 for only $55 postpaid! These are all 90 min. tapes. Dolby® B
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WOR Airchecks and More - Set 2!
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #14 - Synd. 1976 1. Political Candidates and Promises
  2. Soldier of Fortune, Aptitude Tests
  3. Commerial Trends, Radio Catalogs, Listening to Police Calls
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #15 - Synd. November 1976 1. Day of Carter Election - Good Ole Boys and Regional Accents
  2. Free Meal at the USO
  3. Letters, N. J. Surrealism, Flying Dutchman, Baboon.
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #16 -'76 WOR a/c 1. Near Christmas - Complete version Eileen Aickers and Glee Club(see Tape #10)
  2. Saving Cigarette Wrappers, Lucky Strike Car Giveaway
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #17 -'76 WOR a/c 1. Archie (The Cockroach) and Mehitabel
  2. Jew's Harp, Man Vs. Animal Traits - Laughter
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #18 - WOR a/c 1. 11/11/74 Filming The 17th Century Queen's Huzzar's Light Cavalry
  2. 11/12/74 Artists, Reality-based Games, Paying for Gratuitous Acts of Charity
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #19 - WOR 40" ea. 1. 1969 or '70 - On Location at The Union Steel Mill Open Hearth
  2. 2/28/74 Slob Food, Salisbury Steak, All Heinz 57 Varieties Named!
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #20 1969 WOR a/c 1. (Friday) More New Jersey Slob Art, Salute to Margate Elephant Hotel, Learn Anything from Books!
  2. 7 Sins, Hippy Flasher, Bombing at Rutgers, Talking to Kids on Ham Radio
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #21 1969 WOR a/c 90 Min. 1. (Friday show - very funny!) Blow Up Doll, Lyrics to Hindustan, Duck Decoy
  2. 3/17/69 (St Patrick's Day) Rumplestilskin, Methane Gas and Other Smells
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #22 1969 WOR a/c 1. (Friday) Spring Equinox, Salute to Chickens (commercials cut - 36")
  2. Pudding Ship, Man of La Mancha, Army Story - Red Lined!
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #23 1969 WOR a/c 1. Salute to Daughty Old Dolls, Snakes, Salute To Dumb Guys
  2. Python in Toilet, Hindustan on Kazoo, Last Night's Princeton Show, Shep's First Live Performance
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #24 - WOR a/c March 1975 1. Earn Big $$$ in a Depression (cuts off near start of closing theme.)
  2. History Versus Nostalgia
  2. From Dining Car, Last Run of The Domeliner


The following 9 cassettes are made up of thirty minute shows, from very late in the syndicated run (probably late 1976 to early 1977). These FM airchecks from WBUR in Boston are in generally excellent sound, except for the following minor defects: many of the shows had a slight high-pitched whistle, and a few of the shows slowed down as they went along. I have eliminated most of the whistle and adjusted the speed as well as possible, although one or two got so slow that the last minute or two still sound a bit slower than they should. These are marked "*". Two shows, marked "@", had bad tracking for the first several minutes. Let me stress that these are minor problems, and for the most part these are some of the best sounding shows around.

3 half-hour shows on each 90 min. cassette. Dolby® B.
$45 pp for this set.

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Syndicated Half-Hours
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #26 (RB1) 1. Vampire Country @
  2. Literacy and Poetry - The Bobolink
  3. Used Car / Salute to Hyenas (open missing - 27 1/2")
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #27 (RB2) 1. Sin and Revivalism (open incomplete, 27")
  2. Old Airplanes
  3. Trysts*
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #28 (RB3) 1. Extremely Bad Taste *
  2. Guns
  3. Spring - Baseball Poetry, Tornado Story
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #29 (RB4) 1. Mimories Kin Be Painful
  2. Clarence, the Singing Chicken *
  3. Time Capsule
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #30 (RB5) 1. Old Electrical Devices
  2. Revivalism @
  3. Works of Art - The Bugatti
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #31 (RB6) 1. Historyland
  2. Last Laugh / The Past / Pilgrims*
  3. Being in A Hurry
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #32 (RB7) 1. Kopfspeilen (same as tape 5)
  2. Live Show - Schooldays, Holidays, Halloween Prank
  3. Costumes for Class Play
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #33 (RB8) 1. Village Voice / Truth About Country Music*
  2. Rubes, The American Spectator, and The Booboisie
  3. True Tarzan & Phony Sports
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #34 (RB9) 1. Recorded on Location in Alaska
  2. Potpourri - Handy Hints and Kinks
  3. Primal Laughter - truncated version of Tape 17, side 2

Price as a Set: Original Limelight (35-38) $20 pp.

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Original Limelight Releases
Jean Shepherd at the Limelight #35 (90 min.) Army Stories - "Digging A Ditch" and "In The Negev" -
From the Limelight, but according to the audience station break chant it was rebroadcast in Boston - an early live show! c. 1963
Shep at the Limelight and more 1963 #36 (90 min.) Live show excerpts - Model A Mill Car - 1963
Ernie the Vendor - 1963
11/06/75 Stealing Car Batteries (sound quality not great)
Shep at the Limelight #37 - early 60s (90 min.) Live - The Prom (nearly complete show, c. 85")
Snipe Hunt (5" excerpt)
Shep at the Limelight #38 - 1965 (seems to be complete 90 min. show, no open) Side one: Exotic Bath Mat, Bad Suit
Side Two: Raiding the Medicine Cabinet, New House

Price as a Set: Misc Set 1 (39-48) $50 pp.

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JEAN SHEPHERD #39 (90 min.) 2 half-hour segments c. 1960 - earliest known recordings.
1. Something to Prove
2. "Listen, Baby"
3. 04/22/70 First Earth Day (last 20" only)
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #40 (90 min.) 12/26/63 Christmas - Perfume Atomizer
07/07/70 E.H. Scott Radio
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #41 (90 min.) 1964 Kids Worshipped As Gods
1964 Enclosed Ballparks (but mostly Rationalization in Politics)
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #42 (90 min.) Jan 1964 Miss Robinette & Farkus
Jan 1964 Mistaken Identity
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #43 (90 min.) 01/14/64 Two Sides of Man
Jan 1964 How He Got His Name / Cars in NY
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #44 (90 min.) WOR a/c 06/19/70 Summer Picnics
04/15/70 Born Losers, Model Plane
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #45 (90 min.) WOR a/c 01/08/71 Old Radio
01/13/71 Private Sanderson
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #46 (90 min.) WOR a/c 01/16/71 The Camel and the Coat
01/22/71 Frogs
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #47 (90 min.) WOR a/c 03/05/73 Grafitti, "Tijuana Bibles", Army Days
03/08/73 Cheating
(Both of these have some distortion from bad tuning, not great sound but listenable)
JEAN SHEPHERD TAPE #48 (90 min.) WOR a/c 07/11/75 UHF Stations, Funeral Music
1980's Strange Case of UFOs (WOR rebroadcast-mid '80s - short - no commercials)

Price as a Set: Guest Appearances (49-53) $22 pp.

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JEAN SHEPHERD #49 (90 min.) Long John Nebel Show - Jan 1968 W/Shep and others -
Features the story of the great literary hoax "I, Libertine" (buzz throughout)
JEAN SHEPHERD #50 (90 min.) Larry King interview 3/10/82
Part 1 - Commercials Cut
JEAN SHEPHERD #51 (90 min.) Larry King - part 2 (36 min.)
The Pat Ligouri Show 9/27/96 WFAN-NY Talking baseball after Yanks win division. (54 min.)"
JEAN SHEPHERD #52 Interview (60 min.) Alex Bennet Show WPLJ w/ Jean Shepherd 12/22/72
JEAN SHEPHERD #53 Interview (60 min.) Alex Bennett Show WPLJ w/ Jean Shepherd 9/13/74

The following were recorded from FM in Boston. Like the later syndicated shows, these are complete recordings of the WOR program with the commercials removed, but without trimming down to thirty minutes. They run from about 35 to 40 minutes each, with 2 shows per 90 minute cassette. The hour-long shows were originally from Saturday broadcasts. Sound quality is generally good with occasional station drift or bad tuning. Dates are approximate.

For my own sanity, I have reconfigured these sets into (nearly) consecutive order. If you already have either of the original sets you can get the tapes you are missing at the old rates. Write for details.

One final note on these: my MH series does not follow the original numeration completely, so there are occasional gaps in the numbering and dates out of sequence.

I have broken up the tapes into two groups of twelve, each set containing ten 90 minute tapes, and two full-hour shows. The cost of either set is $55, or all get MH tapes for only $100.

JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 101 (90 min.) 9/10/69 Impossible Dream
9/11/69 Fillers
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 102 (90 min.) 9/12/69 Horse Opera
9/22/69 Stripes
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 103 (90 min.) 9/16/69 Starlings (station drift at end)
9/17/69 New York's Losers
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 104 (90 min.) 9/18/69 What Time Is It?
9/19/69 Looking For Action
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 105 (60 min.) 9/21/69 Kindergarten (show runs 56")
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 106 (90 min.) 9/23/69 Yankee Doodles
9/24/69 Australian Sharks
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 108 (90 min.) 9/29/69 Radar
9/30/69 Something to Believe In
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 109 (90 min.) 10/01/69 Fearless Orthodontist
10/02/69 Da Mets
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 110 (60 min.) 10/05/69 Almost Busted
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 111 (90 min.) 10/06/69 Montauk
10/07/69 Monsters
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 112 (90 min.) 10/8/69 Two Kinds of Education
10/9/69 Peanut Butter Anonymous
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 114 (90 min.) 10/03/69 People Frozen In Amber
10/13/69 Beneath Your Feet

JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 113 (60 min.) 10/12/69 Halftime Sousaphone
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 118 (90 min.) 10/23/69 Da Mets - World Champs?!?
10/24/69 Incipient Marching Band Obscenity
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 119 (90 min.) 10/27/69 Send For Particulars
10/28/69 Jack Kerouac
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 120 (90 min.) 10/30/69 The Look in the Doctor's Eye
10/31/69 The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 121 (90 min.) 11/02/69 Pin Boy
11/04/69 Halftime Shows
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 122 (90 min.) 11/05/69 The Pompous Are Around Us
(short- seems to be part missing before closing theme)
11/06/69 The Forty-Inch Soaking Pit
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 125 (90 min.) 11/17/69 The French Seventy-Five
9/14/69 The Cut (no end - most of 1-hour show)
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 126 (60 min.) 11/16/69 The Clunker of All Time (1 hour show)
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 127 (90 min.) 11/18/69 Fly, Glide, and Soar
11/19/69 Sounds of Our Times: Talk Shows
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 128 (90 min.) 11/20/69 Buzzwords
11/21/69 Nitty Gritty Radio
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 129 (90 min.) 11/23/69 Realism: Company K and the Movies (no end - most of 1-hour show)
11/24/69 Fastest Gun in the West
JEAN SHEPHERD #MH 130 (90 min.) 11/25/69 Fleabag Memories
11/28/69 Rising Out of the Meatloaf

LJ01-LJ08 are from 2 six hour reels with complete Long John shows, and more! They can be ordered individually, but due to the length of the Long John shows, the tapes run together, so they are best enjoyed in sets. LJ01-LJ04 comprise reel one, LJ05-LJ08 are reel two.Sound quality pretty rough, but good enough to hear clearly, although today the quality of phone calls on the radio is much improved after 40 years of evolving technology. AM airchecks, somewhat noisy, most commercials cut. Need I point out that these are also RARE!
Order either set, or both, and get the Long John LPs on the bonus tape free (with highlights of his many wild and wacky contactee interviews).

Either set (LJ01-LJ04 or LJ05-LJ08) with bonus tape - $25, or $45 for all nine Long John tapes. Ordering Info



#LJ01 (90 Min.)
3/09/58 (commercials cut) Guests: Major Donald Keyhoe, Kenneth Arnold, others - first hour is mostly about Richard Shaver and the Dero (you know, that race that lives inside the earth's crust!)
#LJ02 (90 Min.)
Conclusion of 3/09/58, More Dero, and talk of O.T. Carr's brochure that offers to build a working UFO for only $20 million!
Also: from 3/08/58 MIKE WALLACE interviews Major Donald Keyhoe. And start of another Long John show. See #LJ03 for details.
#LJ03 (90 Min.)
More of show c. 3/10/58, with Irving Tunik, TV producer of Armstrong Circle Theatre, on why UFO remarks were cut off on live show! Other guests on this program include K. Arnold (by phone), Dom Luchesi, Gray Barker, Ivan T. Sanderson, Augie Roberts, Major Keyhoe, Cortland Hastings, Charles Leedham, J. St. Germaine.
#LJ04 (90 Min.)
conclusion of tape #LJ03
note: Listenable, but very rough, a shame because these are highlights from past UFO interviews, presented while Long John was on vacation.


#LJ05 (90 Min.)
11/15/58 - Saturday Morning
The Circular Craft - Part One of overnight show
#LJ06 (90 Min.)
11/15/58 More on the Circular Craft w/ OT Carr, Ben Isquith, Lester Del Rey, Ellery Lawler, Sam Vandervert
#LJ07 (90 Min.)
11/15/58 - end;
  11/16/58 - First ever three-way phone call with Frank Edwards, Gray Barker, and Jackie Gleason (concludes on tape 4)
#LJ08 (90 Min.)
11/16/58 Conclusion of 3-way call.
  Filler: 03/10/71 Veronica Lake Walks Out! 34" (nice sound)


(90 min.) Dolby B
Direct from my own LPs! Long John Nebel Presents
"THE FLYING SAUCER STORY" - Interviews from the show featuring newsman Frank Edwards and several contactees.
"STRANGERS FROM SPACE" - The incredible Flying Saucer Mystery - Long John with James Mosely, Jr. of SAUCER NEWS - Moth Man! Dero! Little Men!


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